Neumos, Seattle, WA

Kicking off a night filled with great local bands and holiday overindulgences was up-and-coming Tacoma group BOD. Lead singer Ben Roth noted “I’m being showered by JUJU Joints right now,” which was entirely true as they were gladly accepted from mystery sources in the crowd. This little-known Tacoma band will bring back memories of listening to your friend’s grunge band in a garage in the middle of the suburbs.

Up next was the youthful Draemhouse. They colorfully – and appropriately – described themselves at satin-jazz and lace-rock. All of the instruments, drum set, keyboards, and stage were covered in lace and gauzy draped fabric, with lighting setting the mood. Unfortunately, the levels were a bit off. The vocals could have been a bit louder and the bass guitar could’ve been a bit softer, but overall still very electro-rock and totally danceable.

Then the lights dimmed. Not just dimmed but we were left in the dark. Fog started to pour from the stage. Out came Nightmare Fortress. This female fronted, synth heavy, goth-rock band has a surprisingly huge following. Two suitcases on stands opened to display bright strobe lights, turning the venue into an industrial electronic rave. Even though the band was mostly obliterated by the gross amounts of fog, the crowd paid no mind and moshed away.

Finally the wait was over for the overtly sexual band that will titillate anyone’s female rock fantasies. Thunderpussy is always a truly captivating performance. Between sexy dance moves, straddling each other and stripping down to sequin bras, this is not a G rated show. Lead singer, Molly Sides, rocked an amazing black ice skater leotard adorned with fringe with belting what could only be described as Rock ‘n Roll.

The main floor was overcrowded with people trying to dance and get front row to the action. Out of the crowd emerged two dancers in glitter underwear, bras, and converse sneakers. While Sides wailed “I want you! Hey! I want you!,” the dancing girls seduced the crowd. They stayed and teased us for the rest of the show. A mosh pit attempted to form while crowd surfers, including the dancers, were passed over them. They left the crowd in a roar.

Guitarist, Whitney Petty, cartwheeled back on the stage for the encore. They played a new song implying there might be an album released in the near future. Everyone: lead singer, dancers, guitarist, got into the crowd during the last song. This is one of the few Seattle groups that I could see making it far. They are a legitimate rock band that will always leave you wanting more.

Review by Renae Koepke
Photos by David Endicott









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