Jackie Greene with Lauren Shera
Neumos, Seattle, WA

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, wander is defined as going away from a path, course, etc,.  Since he was discovered at an open mic night in 2001, Jackie Greene, born Chris Nelson, has been touring the country and going away from the paths and courses in front of him, and instead choosing the winding roads of the American singer-songwriter. On this relatively calm night at Neumos, Greene and his band showed off their country influences with tracks such as “Motorhome” and “Take Me Back In Time,” and his acoustic-folk with “Sweet, Somewhere Bound” and his very popular “Gone Wanderin’.”
The most pleasant surprise of the night was discovering how incredible of a guitar player he is. I suppose you have to be when you tour with the Black Crowes. This was totally unexpected, as he gained popularity with his acoustic work. When he played my two favorite songs of the night, “Spooky Tina” and “The King Is Dead,” he melted the faces off of all who dared to stand at the foot of the stage. If you want to experience the broad kaleidoscope of the true road musician, catch Greene and his excellent travelling gang of bards.
Opening for Jackie Greene was Nashville based singer-songwriter Lauren Shera.
Catch Jackie’s next show or listen to his new album, Back to Birth, by going to his website jackiegreene.com.

Review and photos by Phillip Johnson

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