Tractor Tavern, Ballard, WA

How did you spend your last birthday? Probably not melting the faces off of a crowd of 400 screaming fans, as they drunkenly smashed into each other in-between their declarations of your official sex goddess status. The infamous Seattle-born, sex-fueled band of lore, Thunderpussy, tore the roof off of the Tractor Tavern Thursday night.

The show included all of the visual antics that you would expect, including whips, bras, and bare buns. This band may be too hot for you to handle. But, that won’t stop you from holding on for dear life, burns and all. They blazed through a set that ended in the grandest of fashion: guitarist Whitney Petty (the birthday girl) appeared on stage for the encore in nothing but a jock strap with a fur vag cover, and a raccoon tail with some dabs of paint to cover her breasts.

The openers were The Hollers and Fame Riot. The Fame Riot appears as much as a circus act as it is a rock show, with a unique clothing style that hearkens back to a 70’s punk-meets-80’s hair band – spandex and all. Clothing aside, these young chaps put more energy and charisma into this one show than many bands put into their entire careers. Not even falling from atop a fans shoulders and onto a speaker could stop lead singer Liz Scarlett from skipping a note, mid-rift.

Review and photos by Daniel Hager

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