The Spider Ferns
Barboza, Seattle, WA

A festive, jovial atmosphere took over Barboza on Thursday night, as local band The Spider Ferns set out to celebrate the release of their debut album, SOON ENOUGH, released January 20th. Eleven tracks encompass their evolving downtempo, electronica sound, with hauntingly beautiful vocals that push and pull the boundaries of contemporary song structure. Read our album review for SOON ENOUGH here.

With pulsing fluorescent, jellyfish-like installations, the stage had a somewhat mesmerizing, calming feel, belying the high energy that was quickly consuming Barboza. Playing well into the night, marital and musical duo Alton and Kelly Fleek possessed an unmistakable chemistry on stage, as glances became stares that turned into smiles. The connection is apparent in their music, and instrumental responsibilities were often shared. Kelly, however, takes on the lion’s share of vocals, and took plenty of time throughout their set to speak to the crowd and, with an overwhelming sense of gratitude, thanked everyone for making this evening the highlight of Spider Fern’s career. Hopefully there will be several more occasions in their musical future to dance it up and par-tay.

Self-declared synthedelic electro rockestra band Screens opened the evening. A four piece from the Seattle area, they recently released their debut album The Hooded Pink Falcon back in October. And, for a super rad gift, you can order a personalized song from their website at Also joining in the fun tonight were Cleveland/Baltimore area musicians Andy Bopp and Ken Schopf of Modern Ruins. These two have been tearing it up for a few years now, and have quite a storied musical resume. They released a single this month, entitled Bleeding Party, so be sure to check out their baritone guitar and cocktail drum concoction.

Review by T. Monte
Photos by Sunny Martini

Spider Ferns