Eric Anderson of Cataldo
The Triple Door, Seattle, WA

Lead man Eric Anderson of Cataldo played a solo gig Sunday night at the Triple Door, where folks had a chance to sit back, relax, and enjoy all that his magnetic stage presence has to offer. Never short on conversation or a catchy tune, Anderson has become a personal favorite on my calendar to catch live, full band or no. Released last March, Cataldo’s latest brainchild, Gilded Oldies, is pure ear pleasure. His work is catching attention and gaining momentum from many different outlets, including Spin Magazine and local indie powerhouse Ben Gibbard. It’s no wonder, because once the play button is pressed, it’s nearly impossible to turn off.

Sandwiched between Eric Johnson of the Fruitbats and the multi-talented Tomo Nakayama, Anderson took the stage at 8:10 and immediately got down to business: “I want to address the elephant in the room… I’m gonna really try to channel the Seahawks tonight… just play really bad, and then play really fucking awesome.” That was tidily summed up, but Anderson wasn’t going to need a miraculous finish to seal up the win for the night. He began his set with “Cash on the Barrel,” a throwback from Cataldo’s debut album, Prison Boxing, to which he followed with said title track. His songwriting is elevated, mature, and touching as he lingers on the words purity and candor. Anderson kept the atmosphere upbeat, however, flavoring the evening with his sense of humor: “It’s a cool place. There’s a table up front where no one is sitting – it’s a table for my fallen homies.” The crowd also had the pleasure of hearing a new song that’s “a little bit about God, and how there is no God.” Anderson finished his set, piano on fire, with “In Now and Then,” “Other Side,” and “Gilded Oldies.” Cataldo will be playing at the Crocodile on January 28th with Slow Bird and Silver Torches. This will be a great showcase of local talent, so be sure to come out and show your support!

Review by T. Monte
Photos by Sunny Martini

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