When you look at the photos below you might just think that Black Veil Brides are just a cheap imitation of KISS, but their not, even though KISS was lead singer Andy Six main inspiration for creating metal-core band Black Veil Brides. Six’s wanted to create something big that people could feel a part of like what KISS was able to successfully accomplish. Having this be the first time I have seen Black Veil Brides live I could feel that connection immediately. Not the connection between myself and the band but the audience and the band. The screaming, cheering, and yelling from the audience was the loudest I have ever heard at a concert, EVER! Out of the over 100 bands I have photographed, no other band has been able to get a reaction from a crowd like that for their entire set. Even in between songs when the band was not playing any music. The crowd was so loud while Black Veil Brides played songs from both We Stitch These Wounds and Set the World On Fire that I stopped to see if there was something else going on that would create that loud cheering but there was nothing but the crowd and the band. Simple amazing. Check out some of the photos below of what was making that cheering.




























Logan Westom